In the future, this page will include:

the almost-award-winning Pun Palindrome monologue from the O'Henry Pun-Off World Championships;

• a class of 'Dromes inspired by tragedies of the '90s: "Bosnia, pain! Sob!" and "Somalia, wail, Amos!";

• a preview of the as-yet-produced pipedream called "Aha!", the world's most in-depth Palindrome board game;

• Palindromic sports lineups;

Palindromic Web sites;

• math puns and computer puns;

America's most obscure anti-nuclear war sonnet, "Live Not on Evil";

• sets of anagrams relating to "Little Shop of Horrors," "Night of the Iguana," "Rumors" and various other theatrical productions;

• and so much more.

Stay tuned.

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