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Note: Any similarities to actual Websites is purely comical and coincidental.

Maurice's personal site

Homepage of The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Devotees of chocolate-flavored coffees

Do you enjoy building scale models of the United Kingdom?

If going to the supermarket is your idea of fun...

1 shot rum
1 teaspoon sugar
squeeze of lime juice
cinnamon stick
boiling water

Maurice devotes a site to his upcoming wedding

An orgy how-to guide
A boarding school of ill-mannered perverts

Gallery of unpleasant rear ends

Connecticut shipbuilding town denies all complaints

The spelunking adventures of the Mott family

Got a bone to pick with Christ?

Stuart handles all your bathroom flooring needs

Tips and tricks for Oregon and Washington farmers

Expert gardners share their secrets

Need to pitch something?

The ins and outs of the political scene in the Land of Lincoln

Promotional site for the ATP and WTA

Where an alcoholic finds help after downing a double-digit number of drinks

The morally upright criticize John McEnroe

Support group for overworked 1960s segregation activists

Celebrating the decimal system

Grammar hawks expound on the past, present, future and pluperfect

Nine-time Grand Slam winner Monica's personal Webspace

Professional male singers' association

Pornography enthusiast and Blue Hen alum Al shows why he was the BMOC

All the latest fashions across the pond

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