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Palindromic Poetry

Composed January 24, 1991
Readington, N.J.

Live Now on Evil

Los Alamos, O mal a sol.

El, oh G.I.! Big hole.

Rats! Da! Bad star.

Ra, from amor far.

Mad! Stop! No on Potsdam.

Mal: bomb, Eb, Mo. Blam!

Enola (ho!) to go to H. alone.

"Naomi, war's raw," I moan.

Snug, called Dell, "a/c guns?"

'S nut (S.O.S.) oh who so stuns.

Megaton's not a gem;

'Mid, saw Tim, it was dim.

Mia, K.O.! O, tad (da!) took aim.

Em, Astons, bro', orb's not same.

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